“Lynda (who is a wizard, in my humble opinion) designed and applied a custom set of hollow silk eyelash extensions to my eyes. Now I’m pin-up ready with no prep. I love it and it’s a total time-saver for the gal on the go. Since my appointment, I take way less time in the morning to get ready and I’ve had tons of compliments on my lashes! Not a single person asked me if they were fake – that’s how natural they look!”

Maddie Monroe – ARTICLE

“LOVE my new lashes, feel like a rockstar!!!! You’re the BEST Lynda!!!” 


“Lynda is amazing at what she does!!! If you want beautiful lashes, go to her! You will not be disappointed. They look real, feel great…. Love them!”


“I had NO IDEA that there is such a meticulous science behind lash application. I visited Lynda after having been to a small “beauty place” where the owner did lash application in a dark, back room. I had been 3 times and was initially excited at my long lashes;  however each and every time within just a few days, I would find different-sized clumps and pieces falling loose, or off completely. I didn’t know why this was happening because I had been told to be very careful with my eyes – not to let the shower run directly onto them, not to rub them, not to use any oil around them. I sleep like a log, so I knew I wasn’t rubbing them while I slept either. When I went to Lynda the first time, she took a before and after picture – revealing to me that the “clumps” were actually numerous lashes clumped together. WHA???!!  She explained that is why the salon owner could work so quickly… she wasn’t working with individual lashes. And this is why the clumps were loose – my eyelashes were growing and causing the glue to come undone, creating the loose and falling lashes. UGH. And incredibly ugly up close when the initial picture was magnified. Frankly I was irritated that I had paid so much money for a substandard half-job that didn’t even last two weeks, let alone three or four. Lynda’s results were indeed SPECTACULAR! Can’t say enough about how up-close gorgeous my lashes were when she was done, and the difference between the two pictures tell the real story. Lynda took the time to individually and carefully glue a lash to each of my own individual lashes. When they grew out, they fell off naturally, not in clumps. Yet another case of a woman wasting ridiculous money in an attempt to be beautiful…..but the story ends well. DO NOT SETTLE for second best and do your own research to learn what is actually involved in proper lash application. To Lynda: I really appreciate the time you took to educate me and make my eyes feel like I could model them, in turn lifting my spirits in such a wonderful way. I thank you, and my eyes thank you!”